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A Starlet Challenge Community

A Starlet Challenge Community
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Made by domilorlando

This is a challenge community dedicated specifically to the actresses of today. starlet_test is basically like any other challenge community. I'll post a new challenge each week and accept entries until a certain time (see schedule). Then voting will be held, the winners will be announced, and banners will be posted. The cycle then starts again. So enjoy the community and have fun!

The Moderator:domilorlando

- An archive of past challenges is located HERE!
- You can submit challenge ideas over HERE!

Old Layouts
Version #1:Scarlett Johansson-header
Version #1:Scarlett Johansson-icon

Challenge currently running: Challenge #39- Jessica Simpson

- Your submitted icon must be your own
- Don't take any icons without the creator of the icon's permission
- Your icon must meet LJ standards (100x100 px, 40kb)
- If pictures are provided, use only those unless otherwise specified
- Blending and animation is allowed
- Text is optional
- Submit the icon image, the url, and whether you'd like a banner should you win
- Submit by making a comment to the challenge post. It will be screened so no one else but me will see your icon(s) until the voting is posted.

Example of how to post:


- Vote by commenting to the Voting Post
- Vote for 3 icons- no more, no less- per challenge
- Votes are weighted
- Vote in order of your favorite icons from Greatest to Least

Saturday: A new challenge will be posted
Saturday- Friday night: Icons will be accepted for submission
Friday night or Saturday morning: Voting will begin
Sunday night: Voting ends

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starlet_test has been running since May 31st, 2005